Hello, I'm Allison! Based out of Denver, I am a photographer and story teller specializing in adventurous couples, elopements & intimate weddings.




Fun Facts

  • I'm originally from SC but have called CO home for over 3 years now
  • I have a very large black cat named Fasb (fas-bee)
  • I'm a long distance runner and backpacker, happiest on trails
  • I love pickles, french fries, queso and craft beer
  • Life goal: van life or tiny home in the mountains


So what's an adventure photographer?

I'd say it's anyone who's up for just about anything. Job requirements include: hiking up mountains with 25 lbs of camera gear, trudging through the mud, snow, and rain with said gear, losing feeling in your finger tips on a regular basis, and of course, being absolutely obsessed with the outdoors and in constant search of an adventure. 

My interest in photography is long standing, but moving to Colorado was the inspiration I needed to pursue it more intently. I started as a landscape photographer, but I eventually realized that I loved the depth and the ability to tell a story when people are added into the vast landscapes.  

So here we are today! I'm looking for those people who have a story to tell, a love to share, and who feel as equally drawn to the outdoors.


My passion?

Documenting couples who have a love story that is genuine, fearless, intentional, and down to earth. I love when two people decide to throw tradition to the wind and choose to say 'I do' with only the people and the places that mean the most. Pick any mountain, river, valley, or beach and invite your nearest and dearest - and it's ok if that means just the two of you! Stuff your dress & suit in a backpack and put on your hiking boots. I'll be there to capture it all so that your unforgettable day will truly last forever.