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The first thing that draws you to a photographer is most likely their style. Every occasion, person, and story captured is unique, so when I sit down to produce your final product, my goal is to create the feel that fits best. With that said, I love real color, distinguishing contrast, and true tones. I focus on natural light, candid moments, and telling stories.   



Before booking, let's get to know each other! I want to hear why you're interested in booking with me. Is it something you saw on Instagram, heard from someone else, or felt when you looked through this page? I want to know all about your own style, what you envision for your session or wedding, and what I can do to help make it uniquely you.  Most importantly, I want to make sure I can deliver a seamless experience and a product you're 100% satisfied with. Once you've booked, I will help make your moments the best they can be. I'll work with you on details, location, ideas, styles, and anything else you can't quite decide on. If adventure elopement is what you dream of, then we'll find the perfect spot to say 'I do.'



My entire business philosophy is based on adventure. I started pursuing photography more intently after moving to Colorado - seeing the mountains from my office window created never ending daydreams. I maximized my free time - whether it was finding local trails to run, car camping with friends, climbing 14ers, trekking through remote Nepal, or backpacking the Tour du Mont Blanc - I just wanted to be outside. Packing my heavy camera gear for all these adventures was a given.

My goal now is to add people to these adventures. People who are equally as passionate about the outdoors and who want to tell a story that's unique to them. So if you find yourself planning an adventurous and momentous occasion, I'd love to be part of your journey. I promise to tell your story honestly and powerfully and to showcase exactly why you chose to go on that adventure.

— I came. I saw. I loved.


If you are looking to elope or get married outside of Colorado, I offer all inclusive travel packages for the continental United States and everything beyond!


In the very depth of your heart, you love what’s dragging your soul to the wildside.
— Conny Cernik